A Beatles Recording Timeline

Through April 2, 1970

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When was your favorite Beatles CD recorded?
The Beatles' First Revolver
Please Please Me Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
With The Beatles Yellow Submarine
A Hard Day's Night Magical Mystery Tour
Beatles For Sale The Beatles (White Album)
Help! Abbey Road
Rubber Soul Let It Be

Welcome to a listing of Beatles recording dates. I wanted a checklist of all known Beatles performances in chronological order. This chronology includes both bootleg and legitimate album tracks. I use it to keep track of what I have heard vs. what I haven't heard. You may also find it to be useful, I hope! WARNING: The list is incomplete and has errors. I know. Amazingly, even though the Beatles happened all those years ago, their recording discography keeps changing. The amount of detail varies from entry to entry depending on my scholarship so far. Concerts, subtle mix variations, and interviews interest me less, so listings for those are less complete, for example. I haven't finished the list to my own satisfaction, but it is reasonably complete. Please browse!


KEY TO USE OF THE TIMELINE WEB PAGES - Understanding the chronological listings.
PERIODS - My breakdown of the Beatles' recording history into distinct eras.
FIRST AND BEST - Earliest through August 17, 1962.
THE BEATALS AT HOME - An essay on the 1960 home recordings.
OFF THE BEATLE TRACK - August 18, 1962 - June 30, 1963.
SECOND ALBUM - July 1, 1963 to January 15, 1964.
LET'S GO! - January 16, 1964 to August 1, 1964.
LEAVE MY KITTEN ALONE - August 2, 1964 to ~~February 14, 1965.
EIGHT ARMS TO HOLD YOU - ~February 15, 1965 to August 31, 1965.
PLASTIC SOUL - September 1, 1965 to December 31, 1965.
ABRACADABRA - January 1, 1966 to September 4, 1966.
A STUDY IN DRUGS, SEX AND REVOLUTION - September 5, 1966 to February 11, 1968.
A DOLL'S HOUSE - February 12, 1968 to January 1, 1969.
GET BACK - From January 2, 1969 to January 31, 1969.
EVEREST - From February 1, 1969 to April 2, 1970.

I must acknowledge my total dependence on "The 910". Editor Doug Sulpy and the contributors to The 910 have provided me with more track-by-track info than any other source. If you are interested in rare Beatles recordings, you need to see what's up with The 910 and Doug Sulpy!

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