FIRST AND BEST - The Beatles' earliest recordings through August 17, 1962.
Named FIRST AND BEST because it includes the recording of _The Beatles First_
with Tony Sheridan, and includes all recordings made with drummer Pete Best.

The starting date is undefined, but certainly is not earlier than 1940, the 
year Ringo Starr and Stu Sutcliffe were born.  The ending date is the last day
the Beatles' lineup did not include Ringo Starr.

OFF THE BEATLE TRACK - August 18, 1962 - June 30, 1963.
OFF THE BEATLE TRACK was producer George Martin's suggested title for the 
LP Please Please Me.

The starting date is the day Ringo Starr joined the Beatles.

SECOND ALBUM - July 1, 1963 to January 12, 1964.
I used the American LP name to refer to _With The Beatles_
The starting date is marked by the recording of She Loves You.

LET'S GO! - January 13, 1964 to August 1, 1964.
Let's Go! was a title suggested by the film studio for the Beatles' first
movie.  A Hard Day's Night was used instead.

LEAVE MY KITTEN ALONE August 2, 1964 to ~~February 14, 1965.
Leave My Kitten Alone is the name of the main rarity from the period of 
recording Beatles For Sale.

EIGHT ARMS TO HOLD YOU - ~February 15, 1965 to August 31, 1965.
The original title for Help!

PLASTIC SOUL - September 1, 1965 to December 31, 1965.
Plastic Soul was a propsed or working title for Rubber Soul.
This phase begins on the day The Beatles returned to the U.K. from their
American concert tour.

The ending date of 31DEC65 is rather arbitrary, no single event seems to
epitomize the changeover to the next project, Revolver.

ABRACADABRA - January 1, 1966 to September 4, 1966.
"Abracadabra" was a suggested or working title for Revolver. 
The starting date of 01JAN66 is arbitrary. By New Year's Day '66, the tours 
to promote _Rubber Soul_ were over.  The Beatles were on a three month leave, 
and for Harrison, a honeymoon.  The germination of the Revolver-related works 
would have begun.  The Revolver studio project produced an album and a single.  
A world tour followed.  On September 5, Lennon would go on location to act in 
a film.  The Beatles would scatter to pursue individual plans, so September 4 
marks the end of this musical phase.

A STUDY IN DRUGS, SEX & REVOLUTION - September 5, 1966 to February 11, 1968.
This is the title of a famous book accusing the Beatles of being a 
communist plot to destroy the morals of our youth.

I have grouped the recording of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,
Magical Mystery Tour, and Yellow Submarine together as one period.  The order
in which the songs were recorded does not especially conform to the LPs they
were released on.

A DOLL'S HOUSE - February 12, 1968 to January 1, 1969.
A Doll's House was an original title for The Beatles (White Album).  The 
period is characterized by the groups visit to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's 
ashram and their burst of individual creativity at that time.

GET BACK - From January 2, 1969 to January 31, 1969.
GET BACK was the title of an almost-released LP.  It was assembled from
tracks recorded during this period.  Instead, the work was taken over by 
Phil Spector and produced as the "Official Version" album, LET IT BE.

LET IT BE was a recording project with many facets.  Nearly all of the 
Beatles time together during this period was filmed.  A movies' worth of
this footage made up the documentary LET IT BE.  There were performances
featured in the film that didn't appear on the GET BACK or LET IT BE albums.

The film was originally shot in 16mm.  When blown up to 35mm for theatrical 
release in wide-screen, the top/bottoms werep chopped off... When the home 
video print was made from the wide-screen, the left/right sides were chopped
off... A home video frame image is about 50% of the primal 16mm image...


EVEREST - From February 1, 1969 to April 2, 1970.
Everest was a working title of the album Abbey Road.


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