visa M + D mastercard

So, who are we? What are our interests? What are our plans? Who cares?

Well, we are both science fiction and fantasy fans (or fen, if you prefer). You can usually catch us at Harry meetings.

We have been getting questions about the Visa and MasterCard logos on this page. Well, should you care to volunteer your account numbers on either of your cards for us to do with as we wish, just click! Or click them to e-mail us about whatever else.

(The true story: Back in 1995 when I first put up this web page, graphic images were hard to make and hard to find on the web. I wanted to see how IMG SRC worked in HTML, and these little graphics were all I could find to steal that didn't look as though the owners would mind.)

Mary works at the Stark County District Library. Doug's work is classified. We live in Canton, Ohio, USA. We have a lovely older home, with one cat (Tonkinese) in the yard. Life used to be so hard, now everything is easy... Oh, sorry.